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Why do I need a designer?

A designer is a specialist, just like your accountant or lawyer. You rely on your accountant to know the tax code and you rely on your designer to select the best font, colors, images and layout for the most effective
marketing pieces for your business.

Why hire a freelancer?

You hire a freelancer as much or as little as you need them. They become a member of your business team, without the expense of an employee.

Can I afford a designer?

YES! There are many options that will solve your marketing problems.

Let's get together, look at what you need, and discuss your options. If you need an entire marketing package, I'll help you decide what you should start with and then plan a timetable for completing the rest. This way you can pick the best, most cost-effective solution for your business, as well as spread the cost over time.

I have word processing software, why can't I just design my own marketing materials?

Time and money!

Think about the time you already put into your job or business. A lot, right? What would you have to give up to find the time to design your own marketing materials? You certainly can't give up any of your work time. You don't want to work longer hours. You absolutely refuse to give up time with family and friends.

And that extra time costs you! Multiply your hourly rate by the number of hours you would put into designing your marketing materials. Don't forget to add a bit more for lost family time. What if you used that time to do what you do best? It would be a much better use of your money!