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4 Tips for a Better Brochure

These tips, in the form of questions, will guide you towards a well thought-out and focused brochure.

What is the purpose of your brochure and where will it be distributed?

  • to hand out to prospects
  • given to clients to pass along to their contacts
  • to display in public venues
    • the rack in the lobby of the grocery store
    • a display at the register of a specialty store
  • to display at trade shows, seminars, etc.
  • to be an extension of your business card
  • one piece in a direct marketing campaign

Along with deciding how you will use your brochure, jot down how many you think you will need. Consider previous attendance numbers at events.

Who is your audience?

  • peers in your line of work
  • potential clients
  • current clients

Be specific when describing your audience. The more you know about them, the better you can focus your brochure to their needs.

What do you want the brochure to convey?

  • what action you want your audience to take
  • what do they need to know about your business
  • what do they need to know about your particular area of expertise

Not only do you want your brochure read but you also want the reader to take action. Be clear about what their next step ought to be.

What will you include in your brochure?

  • testimonials
  • your logo(s)
  • pictures of your product(s)
  • pieces from your portfolio

If you don't have some of these items, would you be able to get them? If so, do it. Give your audience the complete picture of what you can do for them. If your products or services are diverse, consider a series of brochures.

Focusing on the needs of your audience makes for a very effective brochure!